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Lake Restoration has been making lake weeds disappear for over 40 years! Kill lake weeds when you use Navigate® Herbicide or Liquid 2,4-D!  Both are aquatic herbicides excellent for Eurasion watermilfol control, and are also an effective Water Lily and Watershield killer. Same active ingredient as Aqua Pellets. Free shipping!

  • Same active ingredient:  2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid as Aqua Pellets
  • 1 Gallon of Liquid = 22 Pounds of Aqua Pellets
  • Navigate 50# bag has more active ingredient that aqua pellets
  • EPA approved Aquatic Herbicide
  • Controls milfoil, coontail, and water lily
  • Lake Restoration Product Guarantee

For a more complete solution, we recommend using additional dock and swim area products to provide your water relief from weeds and algae.

Spray or spread evenly throughout treatment area when weeds are present. When applying the liquid 2,4-D herbicide, we recommend using the TORMADA® product application boat. Selective Herbicide is formulated to control water milfoil, water stargrass, bladderwort, white and yellow water lily, water shield, water chestnut, and coontail. Water use is restricted for non-turf irrigation and drinking (human consumption), see label for details.

Liquid 2,4-D Manufactured by Alligare, LLC.
Navigate® Granular 2,4-D Manufactured by Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Aquatic Herbicides Water Use Restrictions (according to label):

  • Swimming: 0 days
  • Drinking Water: 21 days
  • Domestic Uses: 0 days
  • Fish Consumption: 0 days
  • Irrigation, Food/Crop: 21 days
  • Irrigation, Turf/Ornamental: 0 days
  • Livestock Watering: 0 days

Read all product labels for complete instructions before applying products.

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US Shipping Only. International Shipping available for the TORMADA®, Goose D-Fence®, LAKEMAID® and select products.

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treats up to 20,000 - 40,000 sq ft ($48.99)
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