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Floating Weeds

Duckweed Infestation

The two most common types of floating weeds are Duckweed and Watermeal. Both of these types of plants can be effectively controlled with the use of Fluridone.

If the floating weeds you are trying to get rid of have roots attached to the bottom (such as water lilies or watershield), then they are actually emergent weeds.


Algae is commonly referred to as "pond scum" or "pond moss" and typically forms greenish mats upon the water's surface.

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Duckweed floats wherever the wind or currents take it, absorbing nutrients from the leaf undersurface and a very fine root hanging from it.

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Pond Watermeal


Watermeal is small in size and free floating. It is the world’s smallest flowering plant and resembles small grains of green cornmeal.

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Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth can grow in height to 1 meter above water the surface and is supported by an erect stalk with a single spike of 8 to 15 flowers.

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Water Lettuce

Water Lettuce

Water lettuce is an invasive plant commonly found in the southeast region of the United States. It grows in expansive mats that block sunlight to submerged aquatic plants, leading to lowered levels of bio-diversity.

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