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Lake Restoration FAQs

Q: I’m not sure what kind of weeds are in my pond/lake. How can I find an appropriate product to control them?
We divide our products into five categories based on what they treat: excess nutrients, algae, submerged weeds, floating weeds, and emergent weeds. See our Weed Types page to assist in the identification of the weeds in your pond or lake. Also see our Product Finder to find a product that will work best for you.

Q: Do your products work?
Our products are backed by 35+ years of experience in aquatic weed management. Read what some of our customers have to say!

Q: Are your products safe?
All of our herbicides and algaecides are EPA approved. We advise that you follow all instructions printed on the product labels. You may also view our Water Use Restrictions chart.

Q: Do your products harm fish?
Trout, koi, and channel catfish are sensitive to copper products such as Symmetry NXG, Cutrine Plus, and Copper Sulfate. If you have specific concerns regarding fish in your lake or pond, feel free to contact us.

Q: How long before I see results?
Fluridone takes approximately 30 days to produce results. All other products produce results within approximately two weeks.

Q: When is the best time to treat weeds & algae?
Weeds should be treated once growth has begun. Algae should be treated as it becomes a nuisance (typically every 2-3 weeks).

Q: Is it necessary to have a permit to apply the products?
Herbicide and algaecide use is regulated by various state & federal agencies; consult them regarding regulations, restrictions, or permits.

Q: What are your shipping rates?
Please see our Shipping Information page.

Q: Can I have you treat my lake or pond for me, or do you only sell do-it-yourself products?
Lake Restoration does provide professional weed control services in the Minnesota/Wisconsin region. Call us at 1-877-428-8898 to find out if we can service your area.

Q: Is it safe to enter my credit card online?
Yes, Lake Restoration uses a secure server that encrypts all your information.

Q: Do I have to purchase with a credit card?
Orders to governmental entities, property owners associations, businesses maybe invoiced with approved credit and with a minimum purchase of $90.

Q: How do I write a product review?
You can write a product review by logging into your Lake Restoration account.  This is found under the "My Profile" header on the Lake Restoration website.  After logging in to your profile, you may visit any of the product pages and select "Write a Review" located at the top of the individual product pages. We love to hear from our customers.  Thank you for taking the time to write a review!


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