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Watermeal is a challenge to control and can easily double in an area in just two days!  Take control with the 4 products that are listed out below for an effective way to approach watermeal control in ponds.

  • Control invasive, persistent weed types such as watermeal with Clipper
  • Use our liquid, chelated copper based algaecide, Mizzen® to remove nearly all types of algae
  • Reduce nutrients in your pond with SparKlear®
  • Leave your water a natural, pleasing blue color with our Sapphire Bay® Blue Pond Dye
  • Great results
  • No swimming or fishing restrictions

    Clipper has quick dissolve granules that mix well into the water eliminating messy application. Clipper can also be pre-mixed with water and applied using a chemical sprayer.

    Clipper delivers fast and selective control in ponds of tough invasive and nuisance plants such as cabomba, watermeal, Eurasian watermilfoil, water lettuce, duckweed, giant salvinia and more. Plus, Clipper dissipates quickly from the water column and does not accumulate in sediment.

    Types of Weeds Controlled:


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    1. on 1/31/2018, said:
    We had struggled with keeping our pond clean and clear and tried several other products before using these. I must say they are able to keep our pond sparkling all year long.
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    treats up to 5 acres
    (2 treatments of 1,000 sq ft = appx 1/32 acre)
    (covers 5,000 sq ft = approx 1/8 acre)
    (covers 10,000 sq ft = appx 1/4 acre)
    (covers 20,000 sq ft = appx 1/2 acre)
    (covers appx 1 acre - $32.95 each gallon)
    (covers appx 2 acres - $30.95 each gallon)
    (covers appx 4 acres - $29.95 each gallon)
    (covers appx 8 acres - $29.45 each gallon)
    (covers appx 16 acres - $28.95 each gallon)
    (10 treatments @ 1,000 sq ft = appx 1/32 acre)
    (covers up to 22,000 sq ft = 1/2 acre)
    (covers up to 1 acre)
    (covers 2 - 2.5 acres)
    (5 applications of 1,000 sq ft)
    (covers up to 11,000 sq ft = 1/4 acre)
    (covers up to 22,000 sq ft = 1/2 acre)
    (covers up to 44,000 sq ft = 1 acre)
    (covers up to 2 acres - $32.00 each gallon)
    (covers up to 4 acres - $31.25 each gallon)
    (covers up to 8 acres - $30.00 each gallon)
    (covers up to 16 acres - $28.15 each gallon)
    (covers up to 32 acres - $26.85 each gallon)
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