8000 Sq Ft Granular Dock & Swim Area Products

8000 Sq Ft Granular Dock & Swim Area Products

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We recommend using these two products:  a muck digester and a granular herbicide to control a wide range of aquatic weeds and algae around docks and swimming areas. Hydrothol Granular herbicide is quickly absorbed by the plants, allowing for effective aquatic weed control in small areas of large water bodies. MuckMaid® muck eating pellets digest beach muck, silt, and sludge nutrients that enable aquatic plants to grow.

  • Controls submerged lake weeds like milfoil and hydrilla
  • Kills algae around docks and in swimming areas
  • Includes MuckMaid® for beach muck, silt, and  sludge removal and digestion
  • No swimming or fishing restrictions

Hydrothol Granular should be spread evenly throughout treatment area when plants are present. Most effective when applied on a calm day. When applying Hydrothol Granular aquatic herbicide, we recommend using a broadcasting spreader.

Hydrothol® provides control where you need it,in the application area, not away from the target area. For this reason, Hydrothol® is a valuable tool in improving access to the water for recreational activities such as swimming, fishing and water skiing. Hydrothol® is effective in muddy or murky water because it does not bind to the suspended sediment or organic matter. Hydrothol® is also an effective algaecide.

MuckMaid's® muck eating bacteria and enzymes consume organic matter, resulting in effective pond and lake beach muck removal in just weeks! MuckMaid® pellets will leave you with clear water and and a firm sandy bottom to enjoy.

MuckMaid® is also easy to apply. Simply broadcast the muck digesting pellets over the area you want clear to gain complete aquatic muck control. There are no restrictions for swimming, fishing, or other water use following application.


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Customer Reviews
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1. on 7/24/2017, said:
I have used this product for a couple years and seems to help control the weeds on my lakeshore, but you need to get it down early and re-apply periodically. it doesn't seem to work on curly leaf pond weed well and algea. I stopped in and got some other product. I live on a problem lake in southern mn, with a lot of farm run off.
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2. on 7/21/2017, said:
Product seemed to do a good job cleaning up the vegetation. I did have some patches but that might have been in my application.
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3. on 6/26/2017, said:
Hydrothol Granular required much more robust application than indicated and has not prevented new growth from occurring.
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(treats 4,000 - 16,000 sq ft)
(10 treatments at 2,200 sq ft; covers up to 22,000 sq ft)
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