10000 Sq Ft Dock & Swim Area Products

10000 Sq Ft Dock & Swim Area Products

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We recommend using Dibrox® Herbicide, Mizzen® Algaecide, and Muck Maid® to control a wide range of aquatic weeds and algae around docks and swimming areas. These products  are quickly absorbed by the plants, allowing for effective lake weed management and control in small areas of large water bodies.

These three products are the best solution for controlling and killing lake weeds in select areas such as around docks and in swimming areas. Diquat herbicide controls submerged weeds around docks and swimming areas. The liquid copper-based algaecide controls the algae. Diquat 37.3 % active ingredient is one of the most effective aquatic herbicides because only one hour of contact time is needed in the water with aquatic weeds for control to result. The algaecide requires a short contact time also for control of algae including string algae.

Once the weeds are under control, apply MuckMaid® to eliminate the muck around your dock or in your beach, improving your recreational areas.

Two treatments are recommended during the typical season for effective lake weed management.

Refer to your state's regulations for use of Diquat in public waters (lakes) and for permit information.  Some states may require a license, or similar certification, in order to apply this product.

Read all product labels for complete instructions before applying products.

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1. on 8/30/2017, said:
We used dibrox and MuckMaid with improvement in appearance of our dock and lakefront. Will definitely use it again
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2. on 7/18/2017, said:
These products work very well, I have used muck maid and mizzen over the last 3 years with great results. My 1/4 acre pond is leaps and bounds from the mud hole it was when I purchased the land. this year was the first time I tried the Allgare, although it killed most of the American lotus on the first treatment I don't feel it works as well as the granular Navigate. I put Navigate in the pond the first yr. which was almost totally covered with the lotus, It whipped it completely out in 3 weeks, yr. two I had a few small areas reappear, floated out to each little section on a tube sprinkled them with the navigate and presto ! gone in a week. had 2 areas reappear this summer tried liquid Allgare for the price not quite as good of result still have a few plants that survived since the treatment 4 weeks ago, plan to treat again in another week, hoping that does the trick.
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(treats 10,000 -20,000 sq ft)
(covers10,000 sq ft = appx 1/4 acre)
(covers 10,000 sq ft = appx 1/4 acre)
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