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1 Acre Watermeal Pond Products

1 Acre Watermeal Pond Products

For complete pond weed control and management, we recommend using the 4 products: Dibrox® Herbicide, Mizzen® Algaecide, SparKlear® and Sapphire Bay®. Results in a beautiful, clear, and healthy ponds.

Our POND Products are available in many sizes.  If you have a large pond or are looking to treat a larger water body, give our experts a call (toll free) #1-877-428-8898.

Dibrox is a herbicide for controlling submerged weeds and duckweed.  Our liquid, copper based algaecide, Mizzen®,  tackles your pond's algae. SparKlear® is used to restore your pond's health by reducing the nutrients that enable the weeds to grow. And Sapphire Bay® blue dye is used to restore your pond's color to a beautiful deep blue.

"I have been using the PONDRestore® products for several years to control weeds and algae in my pond in central Pennsylvania. The products worked perfectly to control weeds and keep the water clear throughout the summer. Thanks for the wonderful service and great advice!" -David from Pennsylvania

Types of Weeds Controlled:


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